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About Andy Warhol

Portrait from Andy Warhol 1977

Andy Warhol 1977 – Kightlinger, Jack E., White House photo

Andy Warhol, born on August 6, 1928 in PittsburghPennsylvania, U.S. as Andrew Warhola, is one of the most famous and influential artists worldwide, having brought the Pop art movement to an international recognized level. Brought up in a family of Ruthenian (Rusyn) immigrants from what is now eastern Slovakia, he studied art at the Carnegie Mellon University where he graduated in 1949. After his studies, he moved to New York where he started working as a commercial illustrator. He began painting in the late 1950s and his career’s peak was in 1962 when his paintings of Campbell’s Soup cans, Coca-Cola bottles, and wooden replicas of Brillo soap pad boxes were exhibited for the first time.

In 1961 Warhol came up with the concept of using images of mass-produced commercial goods and emphasized the banality of the commercial culture of the United States in his art and called it Pop Art. He would use commercial images and reproduce them over and over. A good example of his new concept is the series on Campbell’s Soup cans where he repeated two hundred cans over and over in one painting.

By 1963 he was purposely mass-producing banal images of consumer products using silkscreen and began painting variations of celebrity portraits in vibrant colors. Lithograph and especially silkscreen were well fitted to Warhol’s practice because they allowed the repeating of images. In the 1960s Warhol also focused his energy on filmmaking, producing pieces classed as underground films, which are also well known for their unordinary length, plotlessness and eroticism. He produced over 60 films a, one of which was a 6-hour film of his friend sleeping called „Sleep“.

Andy Warhol by Jack Mitchell, CC 4.0

Warhol worked a lot with portraits of famous people by repeating the same portrait over and over again, changing the colors of each image and also its effect. Soon enough he became a celebrity himself. His commercial success allowed him to open his infamous studio called “The Factory”, where he not only worked on his art but also organized large parties with celebrities and the higher class. Throughout the 1970s and until his death, he continued to produce prints depicting political and Hollywood celebrities, and involved himself in a wide range of advertising illustrations and other commercial art projects.

Warhol’s work is featured in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts was established in 1987. Many of his works became iconic in American culture and his paintings have grown in value. He is credited with bringing art to the masses and was deliberately mass-producing prints which were affordable to everyone.


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